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How to buy a product using SareePay  Wallet? Step 1: While proceeding for payment after adding products to your cart, we have by default selected 'Pay by SareePay Wallet' option on the payment page. Step 2: In case you chose to pay by other payment options, you can deselect the 'Pay by SareePay Wallet' option on the payment page. Step 3: In case the total amount exceeds SareePay Wallet balance, you can pay the remaining amount using any other payment option.
Frequently Asked questions there any expiry date for wallet section? Yes. Wallet Balance is subject to expire. Please go to the 'How to use wallet'.What is SareePay Wallet? SareePay Wallet enables you to receive promotional credit and refunds. You may select SareePay Wallet as the mode of payment while placing your Order, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance. The option of payment via SareePay Wallet will be available on the 'Payment Method' page of the checkout process. You can check the balance of your SareePay wallet by:
• Login into your SareePay  account• Go to the 'My Wallet' section

How can I sign up for SareePay Wallet? Every registered user has a SareePay Wallet account. There is no separate sign up for the Wallet. In case you are not a registered SareePay user, please register and start using SareePay Wallet. How can I put money into my SareePay Wallet? When you cancel or return a product the refund money is transferred to the SareePay Wallet to provide convenience for your next purchase. Directly transferring money to SareePay Wallet account is not permitted. How do I use money present in SareePay Wallet? You can use the money presently in your SareePay Wallet account to make payments while purchasing from SareePay. On the checkout page, you will see SareePay Wallet payment option selected by default, although you can choose to continue with other payment modes. There is not enough money in my SareePay Wallet for making a purchase. What do I do? You can pay for your order either fully or partially by SareePay Wallet. Any amount left after using SareePay Wallet can be paid using other payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking etc. Is there any expiry to the balance present in my SareePay Wallet? 'My Cash' money present in your SareePay Wallet account expires after one year. ‘Loyalty' money is subject to expiry on either 15th February or 15th August of every year. To check when your Loyalty Money expires, visit 'My Wallet' section in your SareePay account. How can I check the balance present in my SareePay Wallet? Log-in to your SareePay account and select ‘My Wallet’ tab. You can check your balance and transaction history under the same tab. Can I transfer the balance in my SareePay Wallet balance to another user? Balance from one account cannot be transferred to another / Your SareePay Wallet balance is non-transferable. Can I delete my SareePay Wallet? SareePay Wallet account cannot be deleted. You may choose not to use it. Terms and Conditions:
SareePay Wallet is an instrument to park money in your SareePay Account as a prepaid balance and can be used only for purchases from sareepay.com

• Balance in SareePay Wallet doesn't bear interest.

• 'My Cash' part of your SareePay wallet post a canceled or returned order can be refunded into the same card/account used for making the payment at the time of prepaid orders. In case of COD orders, we require you to fill a form with the necessary bank account details.

• 'My Cash' part of your wallet expires after one year.

• 'Loyalty Money' amount credited in your SareePay Wallet in connection with SareePay's marketing campaigns is non-refundable and shall expire as per applicable terms.